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    This service is intended for a maximum weight of 0.5kg documents ie. printed paper and outer packaging maximum dimensions of 29.7x21x2cm only. If you send any non paper item (staples/paperclips are ok as long as used only to hold enclosed paper together!) or documents heavier than 0.5 kg then you will be charged accordingly

    Send Parcels to Portugal

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    Sending a parcel to Portugal with We Send Parcels could not be easier. We have over 10 years’ experience of UK, European & International parcel delivery ensuring that we can meet your needs no matter which destination you would like to send your parcel to.

    In order to ensure we can deliver parcels anywhere in the world we have created strategic partnerships with global couriers including UPS and DHL. Our partners have extensive experience of sending parcels to Portugal and have local couriers throughout the country meaning your parcel is always in the safest of hands. Upon completion of your booking we will collect your package from your residential or business ensuring that your delivery could not be easier.

    For a free quote to send parcels to Portugal fill in the form above and book online within a matter of minutes. The advantages of sending parcels to Portugal with us include:

    • We can provide same day collection (early booking required)
    • Fast track parcel service to anywhere in Portugal
    • Reduced prices due to partnerships with companies UPS & DHL
    • Online tracking of parcels allowing you to monitor the status of the delivery.

    Use Expert Couriers to Send Parcels to Portugal

    When you send a parcel to Portugal through standard mail services your parcel can take a long time to reach its destination as it is subject to delays caused by local postal circumstances. Using a courier service like We Send Parcels you will have fast safe delivery of your parcel to all of Portugal from the north down into the Algarve.

    Portugal is the most western country in Europe and getting parcels delivered to the cities like Lisbon, Faro which is at the southern point of Portugal is pretty straight forward for We Send Parcels. By using our expert courier services we will deliver any package to Portugal in the fastest time.