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    This service is intended for a maximum weight of 0.5kg documents ie. printed paper and outer packaging maximum dimensions of 29.7x21x2cm only. If you send any non paper item (staples/paperclips are ok as long as used only to hold enclosed paper together!) or documents heavier than 0.5 kg then you will be charged accordingly

    If you are looking for an International Parcel Delivery Service, we offer
    reliable international parcel deliveries via UPS and DHL. We have many
    years of experience in logistics and have worked across all industry sectors.
    We provide both air freight and road logistics services and have an in depth
    knowledge of the rules and regulations for international countries.

    Our International Parcel Delivery Network extends across 220 countries
    worldwide, all of which are covered by our Consignment Tracking Service.

    We collect parcels from anywhere in the UK and deliver parcels worldwide.
    By using global partners we ensure that your parcel reaches its destination
    on time and in good condition.

    For more information and a list of countries where we deliver parcels click on 
    the links below.

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    Send Parcels to Asia Send Parcels to North America
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