Air Freight

Express Air Freight

There are many of reasons why businesses or organisations may need freight sent to a destination quickly. They range from parts for a production line, Exhibition Materials or goods or literature sold to an overseas customer.

At We Send Parcels, we ensure our customer's products get to where they've got to be, in good time and at a fair price. On site, we have integrated DHL and TNT services and functionality so that you can obtain courier prices for your urgent pallets and book online. You can print labels & customs invoices as required and track 'door to door' until delivery is made and the goods are signed for. The DHL service is fastest and very cost effective given the speed of delivery. This is usually a next day collection as they need to send in a larger vehicle. TNT Economy Express is a fantastic service for heavier, not so urgent pallets with a transit times of 2-4 days for Europe and 5-7 days for Rest of World.

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Cheap Air Freight - 'Spot Rates'


The services listed above are based on wholesale discounted tariffs We Send Parcels enjoy from DHL and TNT. However, if you have less urgency, we can obtain 'spot rates' from the Commercial Airlines for your Air Freight which is usually more cost effective, depending on the weight, dims, destination and transit time required.


It's often cost effective for many businesses or organisations to import pallets of product from other countries with a lower manufacturing cost-base than the UK. If you fall into this category, then you should ask us for a spot rate to bring in your goods. We have various levels of service across all modes of transport. We can provide Air Freight, Road Freight and Sea Freight options, as required.

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